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Fly Swatter

HTML5 / SASS / JavaScript / JQuery / NPM / Github / Responsive / Accessible

Fly Swatter is an interactive game where you must swat as many flies before the timer runs out!


HTML5 / SASS / JavaScript / JQuery / NPM / Github / Responsive / Accessible / Pair-Programming / API

C2:Country-Comparison is an application that uses the World Bank API with 13 different end points. Each country compares different statistics with your selected country. Country Comparison provides information like country gdp, population etc.


HTML5 / SASS / JavaScript / NPM / Github / Responsive / Accessible / Group Programming / Recompose / Firebase / API / React

Middl. is an application that determines the exact middl. point between two addresses. The application also has a chat component and directions component. Middl. pulls data from three different APIs: Google Maps, Google GeoCode and Yelp.

Down To Cuddle

HTML5 / SASS / JavaScript / NPM / Github / Responsive / Accessible / Recompose / Firebase / React

Down To Cuddle is an application that asks the user several questions pertaining to their day. Depending on their answers, the user will be given a score and will predict if a person should cuddle or not!

This Guyyy

a picture of elvis plaza looking into the camera. the picture shows his top half.

I'm a front-end developer that was inspired to pursue this career at a young age. I remember building my first HTML website in High School, and being blown away with what the internet was capable of doing. I harnessed this passion to learn the fundamental languages needed to build fully functional websites.

Before becoming a Front-end developer, I was working as a sales representative for GoodLife. Besides working out, I enjoy salsa dancing, playing board games, reading Sci-fi books and watching oscar nominated movies

What I know

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Currently learning

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